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I experience issues in Microsoft Word

Our development team has been working to identify the root cause of several reported issues, including:

  • Underlines not appearing in text
  • Grammarly not automatically jumping to the next suggestion
  • Corrupted text after accepting a suggestion
  • The cursor jumps to an incorrect location in the document.
  • The number of suggestions shown in the Grammarly widget resets, or counts up repeatedly.

They’ve determined that the issues listed above may be caused by the following elements:

  • Inserted citations, like endnotes
  • A table of contents
  • Footnotes
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Equations
  • Interference from Microsoft Office add-ins

For optimal performance, we suggest removing these elements from your Microsoft Word document. We also suggest splitting your document into parts that do not exceed 50 pages.

Please know we are working to roll out several incremental improvements for the integration of Grammarly for Windows with Microsoft Word. These will become available automatically once they’re ready, and releases can be tracked at Grammarly's Bug Resolution Updates.

If the issue persists after removing the elements listed above from your document, please submit a support request and provide the following details so we can investigate this issue further:

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work toward improving this integration.

Note: If the issue is that the Grammarly widget has disappeared altogether, please refer to this article: Grammarly for Windows and Mac doesn’t appear in Microsoft Office products (Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.).

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