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Configure SCIM provisioning with OneLogin

Note: The functionality described below is available only to Grammarly Business users on the Enterprise tier. If you’re interested in enabling this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or the Grammarly Support team

This guide provides the steps required to configure SCIM provisioning for Grammarly in OneLogin. For general information about SCIM provisioning, please refer to this article: Configure SCIM provisioning

Topics covered in this article:


The following provisioning features are supported in OneLogin:

  • Create users in Grammarly
  • Remove users in Grammarly when they no longer require access
  • Keep user attributes synchronized between OneLogin and Grammarly


Step-by-Step Configuration Instructions

  1. Log in to your Grammarly Business account, go to the Provisioning page, and click Configure.
  2. Click the Activate SCIM button
  3. Generate a SCIM token by clicking the Create token link
  4. Copy the SCIM token for future use, click Got it, and close the window.
  5. Log in to the OneLogin admin’s console and navigate to the Apps → Company Apps → Grammarly app.
  6. Go to the Configuration tab. Enter the Grammarly SCIM token generated in step #1.
  7. Click Enable to connect to the Grammarly API. Click_enable.png
  8. Navigate to the Provisioning tab.
  9. Select Enable provisioning for Grammarly.
  10. Choose the provisioning actions for which you want to require the administrator’s approval. If either Create user / Delete user / Update user is enabled (e.g., on the screenshot below), the selected actions have to be manually approved or ignored each time by the administrator in the OneLogin Users → Provisioning tab. Frame_1.png
    Leave the actions clear if you want OneLogin to make the provisioning changes automatically without requiring administrative approval.
    Select one of the following actions (Delete, Suspend, or Do Nothing) on what happens with a user in Grammarly if the user’s account is deleted/suspended in OneLogin.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Go to Apps → Company Apps → Grammarly → Parameters to confirm the mapping of Grammarly attributes to OneLogin attributes.
    Select Configured by admin. Make sure the attributes are set as follows:Frame_2.png
  13. Add users to Grammarly OneLogin. With SSO enabled, these users will be provisioned automatically.
    Go to Users → Users → Select a user  Applications. Assign the Grammarly application.Frame_3.pngFrame_4.png

Provisioning of Already Assigned Users

If you already have Grammarly users, those users can be synchronized with the newly provisioned OneLogin users.

  1. Go to Apps → Company Apps → Grammarly.
  2. Go to the More Actions menu. Click Sync logins.

OneLogin will retrieve the list of active Grammarly users and automatically link those users based on the default username (email address).

Note: The Sync logins process overwrites the personal Grammarly passwords of the existing users with the passwords stored for those users in OneLogin.

Monitoring Deployment

Once you’ve finished provisioning, check the Apps → Company Apps → Grammarly → Users tab to review the provisioning state of the selected user.

If the provisioning row shows Failed for the user, click the row to view the reason for the failure. Click Retry to try again after fixing the issue.

Resolve Issues

  • Users without Email, First Name, and Last Name defined in their OneLogin profiles cannot be imported to Grammarly as the new users.
  • When users are deactivated in OneLogin, they will be deactivated in Grammarly. Users will not be able to log in to the application, but their data will remain available as “inactive users.” After 30 days, their accounts will be deleted completely.
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