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Managing your Grammarly Business account permissions

Every team member using Grammarly Business is assigned one of three roles: owner, contributor, or user. Roles determine what information and settings a member can access.


The user role is for the end-users of the Grammarly Business account members. Users will receive Grammarly’s full range of writing suggestions and have limited view-only access to account analytics. This is the default role for newly created members.

The contributor role is designed for Grammarly Business members who want to manage and maintain aspects of the Grammarly Business account related to product usage. This includes viewing analytics as well as managing style guides and other writing configurations for the account. Members in the contributor role might be department heads, managers, or team leaders.

The owner role is designed for Grammarly Business members who need full control over all aspects of the Grammarly Business account. Owners have access to everything available under the contributor role, plus they can manage IT configurations (including single sign-on) and subscription details for billing purposes. Members in the owner role might be founders and executives, senior leadership, or someone from the IT department who provisions licences or handles account administration. You can assign multiple members to the owner role.


Below is the list of permissions granted to each role within a Grammarly Business account.

  Owner Contributor User
- Plan    
- Details    
- Billing History    
- Billing Receipts    
- Cancel Subscription    
- Product Settings    
- Authentication    
- Provisioning    
- Invite Members    
- Remove Members    
- Role Assignment    
- Add/Edit/Remove group analytics filters  
- View group analytics  
- View account-wide analytics
Style guide - terms      
- Manage team logo  
- Activate/Deactivate  
- Add/Edit/Remove style guide  
- Add/Edit/Remove rules within a style guide  
- Visibility Settings  
- View
Style guide - writing style      
- Turn on suggestion types  
- Turn off suggestion types  
- View  
- Activate/Deactivate  
- Add/Edit/Remove company snippets  
- Add/Edit/Remove personal snippets
- View
Brand tones      
- Activate/Deactivate  
- Add/Edit/Remove tone groups  
- Visibility Settings  
- View

How to assign roles

Members can be assigned to roles on the Members page:Changing_a_role.gif

You can also assign multiple members to a role by ticking the boxes next to their email addresses and clicking Change Role at the top right corner of the page. 

When members join, they will be assigned to the user role by default. 

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