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Set up SSO with Okta

- Okta account with access to the administrator console
- Grammarly Business or Grammarly for Education account with the admin role or a designated custom role

  1. Log in to your Okta admin dashboard.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Click Add Application
  4. Type Grammarly in the search box, choose Grammarly from the list of available options, and click Add.
  5. Configure the general settings (optional) and click Next.
  6. Choose SAML 2.0 as your sign-on method and click Done.

Assign Grammarly to all users you would like to add to your subscription by clicking the gear icon next to Grammarly in the Applications menu:


To enable SSO in your Grammarly account, you will need to know three parameters:

  • Identity Provider Issuer
  • SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)
  • Certificate

To locate this information in your Okta dashboard, please open Grammarly from the list of Applications, open the Sign On tab, and click View Setup Instructions:


On the page that opens, search for Identity Provider Issuer, SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP), and Certificate.

Once you have this information, please follow the steps outlined in this article: Set up SAML single sign-on

If you encounter any issues, please look for a troubleshooting article on this page: Resolve Issues 

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