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How do I set up SAML single sign-on for my Grammarly Business account?

Who has access?
- Grammarly Business account owners

As an owner of a Grammarly Business account, you can set up SAML single sign-on for your team. This will allow your team members to log in to Grammarly through a third-party identity provider service (IdP), which will eliminate the need to keep a separate password for Grammarly. IdPs (e.g., Okta) allow users to use a single set of credentials to access multiple applications (e.g., Grammarly). To enable this feature for Grammarly, please follow these steps:

  1. Configure your IdP for Grammarly.
  2. Log in to your Grammarly Business account, go to the Authentication page, and click Configure.Screen_Shot_2020-09-06_at_9.26.16_PM.png
  3. Fill in the necessary fields. The required information is available in your IdP’s portal. Please see this page for more details.
  4. Click Test SSO. If successful, click Activate SSO to set up this feature for your team.

Note: If the SSO test has failed, please double-check the Grammarly settings in your IdP as well as the values you entered on the Authentication page.

After SSO has been set up, Grammarly will rely on your identity provider to manage users on your Grammarly Business team.

Team members who are already on your team won’t be able to log in to Grammarly until you assign the Grammarly app to them in your IdP’s interface.

To add new team members to your Grammarly Business team, simply assign the Grammarly app to them in your IdP’s interface. If you assign the app to someone who does not have a Grammarly account, it will be created for them upon their first login.

Note: You can also send invitation emails to team members via the Admin panel as described here. However, they won’t be able to join your team until they are granted access to the Grammarly app in the identity provider.

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