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Grammarly says my browser is not compatible

The Grammarly Editor is supported on Google Chrome 68+, Safari 12.1+, Firefox 78+, Microsoft Edge 79+.

Note: Grammarly works best with the latest stable versions of browsers and operating systems; therefore, we suggest you update your software regularly. 

If you're certain your browser is compatible, follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.

Clear browser cookies

Your browser may be referencing an outdated or corrupted setting in the cookie file.

  1. Clear your browser cookies by following these steps. This will sign you out of your Grammarly account. 
  2. Go to and enter your login credentials to access your account. 

Restart your browser

Sometimes restarting your browser can clear this issue. Download your text to your computer, quit your browser, restart it, and resume using Grammarly.

Try another browser

In some cases, a certain browser extension, plug-in, or add-on might be causing this error. Try using Grammarly in another browser.

If this issue doesn’t persist in another browser, your current browser may be experiencing an issue or may need to be updated to a newer version.

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