I signed up with the wrong email

No worries! You can update your Grammarly account information by following the steps below.

Sign in to the Grammarly website, navigate to Account, and update your email. Lastly, check your inbox to verify your new email address.

If you can't sign in with your current password, send yourself a password reset email first.

Note: This method works only for individual plans and accounts registered using our standard sign-in method with an email address and password. If you registered using Google or Facebook, but would like to change the email address on your Grammarly account, please submit a help desk request for further assistance.

If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your Premium account and don't remember your password, please provide this information in a support request to help us restore access to your account:

  • last four digits of the credit card number you used for Grammarly
  • card network type (e.g., VISA)
  • credit card expiration date (month/year)
  • the charge date
  • the charge amount
  • first name and last name (if any) on your Grammarly account
  • your PayPal email address and Transaction ID (if you paid with PayPal)
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