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I cannot log in with my correct login details

If you can’t log in after entering the correct login details, we suggest double-checking that you are entering the right email address and password. If you’re not sure, reset your password at and try to log in again.

Note: If you logged out of your Grammarly account, navigate to You should see a menu displaying the email addresses you previously used to log in.

If you registered your Grammarly account using Google, Facebook, or Apple as a sign-up method, please select the corresponding option to log in. If you prefer to set a password for your Grammarly account, you can do that by following the steps in How do I set a password if I registered using Google, Facebook, or Apple?

Note: If your organization is using single sign-on, please sign in by launching Grammarly through your identity provider (a platform that provides authentication services to your organization). If you are having problems with your identity provider, please ask your organization's administrator to review the instructions in Add Grammarly to an identity provider.

If resetting your password didn’t help, or you registered your account using a different sign-in method, select the Grammarly product in the below menu to see the corresponding troubleshooting steps.

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i cannot log in invalid email address/password combination forgot my password forget password can't login i have reset my password several times but it wont let me login answer-bot locked out cant login