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How to deploy Grammarly for Windows

You can silently install Grammarly for Windows on multiple computers at once using Microsoft Intune cloud-based device management tool or Microsoft SCCM.

Minimum requirements: 

Deploying Using Intune
Deploying Using SCCM


MSI Installer:

Note: Currently, we do not support per-machine installation.

  • Select App typeWindows app (Win32)2.png
  • Add the app package file in .intunewin format:3.png
  • Fill in App information:4.png
  • Specify app installation and uninstallation commands:
    • Install command → GrammarlyInstaller.exe /S
    • Uninstall command → GrammarlyInstaller.exe /S /uninstall
  • Choose your preferred options under Install behavior.
  • Select Operation system architecture and Minimum operating system:6.png
  • Under Detection rules, choose the Rules format Manually configure detection rules and click Add:7.png
  • In the window that appears, fill in the following values:
    • Rule type → File
    • Path → %LOCALAPPDATA%\Grammarly\DesktopIntegrations
    • File or Folder → GrammarlyInstaller.exe
    • Detection Method → Registry
    • Key path → Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Grammarly Desktop Integrations
    • Value name → DisplayVersion
    • Detection method → Version comparison
    • Operator → Greater than or equal to
    • Value → Use current installer version value
    • Associated with a 32-bit app on 64-bit clients → Yes8.png
  • Add Dependencies and Supersedence(preview) if needed.
  • Add Assignments:10.png
  • Review and create the app.
  • Download the installer
  • Copy the GrammarlyInstaller.exe to the folder C:\Sources
  • In the ConfigMgr Console, go to \Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Packages
  • Create a package:Deploying_Grammarly_for_Windows_Using_SCCM_1.png
  • Important: Specify that this package contains a source file and choose a path to it:Deploying_Grammarly_for_Windows_Using_SCCM_2.png
  • Click Next and choose Standard program.Deploying_Grammarly_for_Windows_Using_SCCM_3.png
  • Fill in the required fields and click Next:Deploying_Grammarly_for_Windows_Using_SCCM_4.png

Note: For Command line, please use prefix /S for silent installation. For the removal process, we need to create a package with command line prefix /S /uninstall.

  • Specify platform requirements:Deploying_Grammarly_for_Windows_Using_SCCM_5.png
  • Review the summary and click Next. You should see a successful Completion message:Deploying_Grammarly_for_Windows_Using_SCCM_6.png
  • Package is ready to deploy so you can go ahead and install it on required computers: 


After deployment

The Grammarly for Windows update process occurs automatically every two weeks. If you are using a proxy server or antivirus software, please consider safelisting Grammarly for Windows, to avoid it getting blocked during automatic updates. To ensure authenticity, Grammarly for Windows files are digitally signed with a private certificate. The update package is downloaded from Grammarly’s trusted data storage.

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