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How to create or edit documents on iPhones

As an iPhone user, you can access the Grammarly iPhone Editor directly from your mobile device by downloading Grammarly for iPhone

Note: The Grammarly Editor is also available for iPad users and desktop computer users

This article covers: 

Creating new documents and accessing existing documents

Once installed, open the Grammarly companion app and go to My Grammarly. On this page, you’ll be able to find the documents you’ve previously saved in your Grammarly account:


To create a new document in the Grammarly iPhone Editor on your phone, tap New. You will then see a blank document where you can start typing your text. 

Documents that you create or edit in the Grammarly iPhone Editor will be available on your desktop computer in the Grammarly Editor at

Uploading and downloading documents

At this time, the functionality to upload or download a document is not available on iPhones. 

However, you can paste your text to check it with Grammarly by creating a new document and tapping the Paste button:


Once you are done editing, you can tap Copy text at the top of your screen and then paste the edited text into any other text field on your device: 


If you created a document in any other text processor on your device, you can also take advantage of the Grammarly Keyboard and check your writing directly in that text processor. For more information on the Grammarly Keyboard, check out this article

Alternatively, you are also welcome to upload your document to the Grammarly Editor on a desktop computer and then open it up on your iPhone to edit it. 

Checking text 

The Grammarly iPhone Editor on your device provides almost the same types of writing suggestions as on the computer. 

Once you finished writing your document or pasted your text into the Grammarly iPhone Editor, you’ll see the first suggestion just above the keyboard:


You can either tap on it to apply the change or swipe to ignore it. 

If you’d like to review the suggestions, tap the G button that appears above the keyboard. This action will open revision mode and allow you to review and accept suggestions: 


If you’d like to view a specific suggestion, tap on the underlined text, and Grammarly will automatically show the suggestion relevant to that part of the text. 


To dismiss a suggestion in revision mode, tap the trash bin icon in the lower-right corner of the suggestion card. 

You can switch back to the keyboard anytime by tapping the keyboard icon:


Note: The plagiarism checker and the tone detector are not yet available in this product offering. 

Accessing synonyms

When typing or editing your text, you can check words for synonyms. To do that, tap on any word in your document. The list of synonyms will appear in the upper row of the keyboard:


If you’d like to substitute any word for a synonym, tap on any word from the list to apply the changes. 

For more information about the synonyms feature, check out this blog post

Formatting text 

Grammarly for iPhone also supports the following rich-text formatting options: 

  • H1 and H2 headings
  • Bold, italic, and underlined text 
  • Numbered and bulleted lists 
  • Hyperlinks
  • Paragraph indents 

To apply any of the formatting options, double-tap any word and drag the pins to select a specific part of your text. Then, tap the Aa button that appears in the lower-right corner of the text field:


Then, choose any formatting option you’d like to apply. 

Keep in mind that the H1 and H2 headings, bulleted and numbered lists, and paragraph indent options will apply to the whole paragraph. The option to make the text bold, in italics, or underlined and the option to add a hyperlink will apply to the selected part of the document only. 

Note: If you pasted writing that contained rich-text formatting, the formatting will be removed. For more tips on how to preserve your rich-text formatting, check out this article

Adjusting your settings

The option to update your Editor settings is not currently available in this product offering. However, you can still access and manage your language preference and personal dictionary. For more information about adjusting settings on iOS devices, check out this guide

If you are a Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, or Grammarly for Education user, you can also deactivate certain Grammarly suggestions by going to the Writing Style page on a desktop computer. For more information about this feature, visit this page.

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