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Managing your settings in Grammarly for iPad

The Grammarly app on your iPad allows you to access both the Grammarly Editor and change your Grammarly Keyboard settings. Some settings, such as your language preference and personal dictionary, apply to both modes. 

Language Preference and Personal Dictionary

To manage your Language Preference, open the Grammarly app, and tap Account at the bottom of the screen: 


Then, press Language Preference to choose a dialect: 


To learn more about the Language Preference feature, check this article

To access your Personal Dictionary, please tap the Manage Personal Dictionary button in the Account menu: 


The Grammarly Keyboard 

If you use the Grammarly Keyboard on your iPad, you can customize your writing experience. To see the list of settings you can adjust, open the Grammarly app and tap Keyboard at the bottom of the screen: 


Here you can adjust the following preferences:

To turn any of these options on or off, switch the toggle next to them. 

Tone Detection 

Tap the Grammarly icon on your keyboard to see the tones: 


Note: Tone detection requires 90+ characters in order to provide you with tone insights. 

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