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I can't log in to Grammarly for Microsoft Office

In order to log in to Grammarly for Microsoft Office, you will be redirected to your default browser. If this doesn’t happen when you are trying to log in, please reinstall Grammarly for Microsoft Office by following the steps in this article.

If you still experience issues with logging in, follow these steps: 

If you can’t log in to Grammarly for Microsoft Office using your browser, please try the following options:

  1. There might be an issue with your browser cookies. Please clear your cookies in your browser using the instructions here.
  2. Turn off all your browser extensions. You can use the instructions below to open the list of extensions in your browser: 
    • Chrome: Copy chrome:extensions into your address bar
    • Firefox: Click Tools > Add-ons > Extensions
    • Safari: Open Safari > Preferences > Extensions
    • Microsoft Edge based on Chromium: Copy edge:extensions into your address bar
    • Microsoft Edge Legacy: Press Alt + X keys and then click Extensions
  3. Change your default browser:

    If Grammarly for Microsoft Office doesn’t work after trying these steps, and you’re using Windows 10 or newer, we suggest switching to Grammarly for Windows. This product offering also supports integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook. To find out more, check out this article

    Alternatively, you can give the Grammarly Editor a try. For more information about the Grammarly Editor, visit this page.

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