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About Grammarly Pro

Grammarly Pro gives you all of Grammarly’s advanced writing features, such as full-sentence rewrites and tone suggestions, plus advanced team features that will help you work more efficiently. You can add more team members to your account so they can enjoy Grammarly as well.

With Grammarly Pro, you can:

  • Invite others to your Grammarly account
  • Transfer account ownership to another team member
  • Ensure your message lands how you want it to with tone adjustments
  • Stay in compliance and on-brand

We offer monthly and annual subscriptions to Grammarly Pro:

Monthly subscription — $30/member/month

Annual subscription — $144/member/month annually / $12 USD average cost per month

Note: Grammarly Pro plans are billed as one payment for all seats.

Who can use Grammarly Pro?

To ensure a smooth user experience for all of our users, we’re rolling out Grammarly Pro gradually, so it may take some time before it is available to everyone. To use Grammarly Pro, you must have a Grammarly Free or a Grammarly Premium account. Grammarly for Business and Grammarly for Education accounts, as well as Grammarly subscriptions purchased via the App Store or Google Play Store, are not currently eligible for Grammarly Pro.

Who can I invite to my Grammarly Pro team?

You can invite Grammarly Free, Grammarly Premium, and other Grammarly Pro users to your Grammarly Pro team. Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education users cannot be invited to a Grammarly Pro subscriptionat this time.

Can I remove my team members?

As a Grammarly Pro admin, you can remove members of your team anytime. If your team member had a Grammarly Free account before joining your Grammarly Pro team,, their account will be reverted to Grammarly Free. If they had a Grammarly Pro subscription, once you remove them from your Grammarly Pro team, their previous subscription will be unpaused, and they will be able to continue using it.

Note: Account owners cannot be removed from a Grammarly Pro team.

Can my team members leave my Grammarly Pro team on their own?

Grammarly Pro members can leave their team’s subscription on their own unless they are account owners. Grammarly Pro account owners can leave only after transferring the account ownership to another team member.

What happens with my current subscription if I join a Grammarly Pro team?

If you have a Grammarly Premium subscription, you can request a prorated refund for the unused period of your subscription. If you have a Grammarly Pro subscription, depending on whether you are the sole member of your Grammarly Pro team, your subscription will either be paused once you join another Grammarly Pro team or you will be removed from your current team and added to the new team. If you are a Grammarly Pro account owner, you will be asked to transfer account ownership to another team member before joining a different team.

Can I expand my Grammarly Pro team after the original purchase?

You can add more seats to your Grammarly Pro subscription after purchasing it. You will be charged a prorated amount for additional seats based on the period of time until your subscription renewal or expiration date.

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