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Error: "Grammarly Assistant is not enabled right now"

If you keep seeing the prompt to activate Grammarly for Android or the notification that Grammarly Assistant is not enabled, it might be because you are still using the Grammarly Keyboard for Android. 

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 15.29.56.png

We’re discontinuing the Grammarly Keyboard for Android soon. It will be replaced by Grammarly for Android, our new product offering. Grammarly for Android integrates with any keyboard on your Android device and includes our generative AI assistance.  

You can learn more about the transition by visiting this page. To learn more about Grammarly for Android, visit this page: Grammarly for Android user guide

To resolve this, please switch to a different keyboard.

Once Grammarly for Android is on, you will see the floating Grammarly widget when you start typing.

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