How to send error details to Grammarly

If the installer cannot install Grammarly for Microsoft Office, you will see the error Failed to install with a description of the issue. You need to copy the error code and details and send them to us for investigation via a support ticket as shown in the image below:


If the Error details message is missing, follow the steps below to send us the Grammarly log files:

  1. Click Copy to clipboard > Save logs > Close.
  2. Select any folder that you prefer, e.g. Local Disk (C:).
  3. Click Make New Folder.
  4. Name the new folder something like grammarlylogfiles and press Enter.grammarlylogfiles_selected.png
  5. Click OK.
  6. Open My Computer.
  7. Open the folder where you saved the Grammarly log files (e.g., C:\grammarlylogfiles). grammarlylogfiles.png
  8. Send all the files from the folder you created via a support ticket.
  9. Delete that folder (e.g., grammarlylogfiles).
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