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I have a paid account, but the Grammarly add-in prompts me to upgrade

If you’re a Grammarly Premium user but Grammarly still prompts you to upgrade, it’s possible that you unintentionally created several Grammarly accounts and are logged in to a free account. To access Premium features, please check out our guide to finding any other accounts.

If you are certain that you are logged in with the email address associated with your Grammarly Premium account, but Grammarly for Microsoft Office still prompts you to upgrade to the Premium version, we suggest you restart Microsoft Word or Outlook to resolve this.

If the issue persists, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Grammarly tab in Microsoft Word or Outlook and press Log out.
  2. Then, click Log in in the same menu.
  3. Sign in by entering the email address that is associated with your Premium account and password. If you registered using Google, Facebook, or Apple, sign in by clicking the corresponding option:

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