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I don’t see the full list of suggestions when using the Grammarly browser extension

The design of the sidebar was changed as a part of a recent product update. Instead of seeing the sidebar with all suggestions at once, users of our free version will see one suggestion at a time after clicking the Grammarly icon: 

Note: This interface is also available through Grammarly for Windows and Mac. To learn more about this product offering, check out this article.

How to check text 

When you click on a text field, you should see Grammarly’s logo in the lower-right corner. As you start typing, Grammarly will begin to check your text dynamically, and the Grammarly icon will spin:


Note: Grammarly does not initialize in text areas smaller than 38 px in height. 

When Grammarly finishes checking the text, the icon in the lower-right corner of the text field will show the number of suggestions. Some of our suggestions appear as underlines in the text. To accept a suggestion, hover over the underlined text and click on the card that appears. 

If Grammarly flags an unfamiliar word, and you’re sure it’s spelled correctly, you can either ignore the suggestion or add the word to your personal dictionary.

Other suggestions can be accessed by clicking the Grammarly icon or number in the lower-right corner of your text field. This will open a floating suggestion card, which you can position anywhere on the screen. 

What will happen if I upgrade my account to Grammarly Premium? 

After you upgrade your account to Grammarly Premium, you will see the sidebar with a list of all suggestions at once. You can easily review all of Grammarly’s suggestions and make changes using this sidebar: 


You can also move the sidebar anywhere on your screen. Click and hold the upper section of the sidebar to drag it around the screen.

Note: If you are a Premium user, but you are unable to access the full list of suggestions when using Grammarly’s browser extension, please make sure you are logged in to your Premium account. Check out this article for more details. 

How can I share feedback about the new interface?  

To share your feedback about the new design, please click the Settings button and then click Anything we can improve. We welcome any feedback you have regarding Grammarly’s product offerings! 

If you are experiencing an issue with the product, please submit a ticket by following this link, and our Support team will be happy to assist you promptly!

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