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I can't test SSO: Error validating the SSO certificate

If you see this error when setting up SSO, it might indicate that the certificate is invalid or corrupted.

The certificate can be invalid if:

  • the wrong certificate is used;
  • the certificate is copied incorrectly;
  • the certificate is expired.

To resolve this issue, we suggest re-checking the following:

  1. In your identity provider, check if the certificate is Active and not expired;
  2. Download the certificate, open the file in the text editor, and copy the content to the Grammarly SSO set-up page. Make sure that content is copied correctly.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, we recommend generating a new certificate in your identity provider and configuring SSO on the Grammarly side using the new certificate.

Note: With Azure AD, there can be a delay in propagating the parameters on the Azure side. To avoid experiencing any issues with configuring SSO on the Grammarly side, we advise waiting 1—2 hours after generating the certificate in Azure AD and before enabling SSO in the Grammarly interface for all the changes to propagate accordingly.


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