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Grammarly for iPhone user guide

With Grammarly, your writing will remain polished even on the go. Whether you’re typing a quick text, writing an important email, or adding on to an existing document, Grammarly for iPhone can support you in your writing endeavor.

Grammarly for iPhone is several apps in one—by installing it once, you’ll have access to the Grammarly Keyboard for iOS, the Grammarly iPhone Editor, and the Grammarly browser extension for Safari on your iOS device. 

Note: If you are an iPad user, check out this article about Grammarly for iPad.

Before downloading and installing Grammarly on your iPhone, make sure your device is running iOS 14 or newer. Grammarly for Safari on iPhone is available on devices running iOS 15 or newer.

Note: To start using the Grammarly iPhone Editor, you will first need to install the Grammarly Keyboard for iOS. Once you have installed the Grammarly Keyboard, you can start using the Grammarly iPhone Editor. You will also have the option to easily switch between the Grammarly Keyboard and your iOS keyboard anywhere that you type.

If you would prefer to use the Grammarly iPhone Editor without having to install the Grammarly Keyboard, please see our Feature Request section to record your feedback.

Once installed, follow the on-screen instructions to set up Grammarly and log in using your account credentials. You will then access Grammarly’s companion app, where you can:

  • Create or edit existing documents
  • Set up and personalize the Grammarly Keyboard for iOS
  • Manage your language preference and personal dictionary
  • Access your weekly Grammarly Insights report
  • Provide feedback and contact support
  • Review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

To find out more about creating or editing documents on your iPhone, review this article

If you’d like to learn more about the Grammarly Keyboard for iOS, check out this guide

For additional details on the Grammarly browser extension for Safari on iOS, review this page.

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