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How does Grammarly for Safari on iOS work?

You can now use Grammarly for Safari on your iOS devices! 

Note: Before installing Grammarly for Safari on iOS, make sure to update your operating system to iOS 15. At this time, older versions of iOS are not supported by this product offering. 

Once you install the extension and start typing your text on any website in Safari, you’ll see a prompt to activate Grammarly. As soon as the extension is activated, you should see the G icon in the text fields.

To activate Grammarly for Safari on a website, you will need to grant it access through the pop-up message that appears. This permission is required by Apple.

To ensure Grammarly for Safari is turned on, select the "AA" icon or the extensions icon beside the address bar. You will see Grammarly in the extensions section if it has been successfully added to the Safari mobile browser.

If permissions are needed, you will see a gray Grammarly icon. Tap Grammarly, then choose Allow for One Day or Always Allow within the next prompt.

Grammarly’s suggestions will appear as underlines directly in your text as you type on different websites:

Note: At this time, Premium suggestions are not available in this product offering. If you are a Premium user, we encourage you to take advantage of the Grammarly Keyboard for iOS instead.   

To accept a suggestion, tap the underlined text and then tap the suggestion that appears. 

If you need to dismiss any suggestion, tap the Dismiss button on the suggestion card.

If you no longer need Grammarly for Safari, you can turn it off by navigating to your iPhone’s Settings app, selecting Safari, and accessing the Extensions section.

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