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Introducing the Text Editor SDK

Important: The Grammarly Text Editor SDK will no longer be updated and will be deprecated on January 10, 2024. We suggest removing the integration from your app or website before that date.

Using the Grammarly Text Editor SDK in your application allows you to bring real-time writing suggestions to your users. The SDK lets you easily add and configure the Grammarly Text Editor Plugin. In text fields and editors that use the plugin, your users will get Grammarly’s best-in-class writing support as they type, without needing to download Grammarly or create an account.

To integrate the Text Editor SDK with your application, please follow these steps: 

  1. Sign up for a Grammarly account at
  2. Create a new Grammarly for Developers app at
  3. Install the Grammarly Text Editor SDK.
  4. Add the Grammarly Text Editor Plugin to the text editors you’d like Grammarly to check.

The plugin will load dynamically with your page, connect to Grammarly’s cloud services, and check any text your users write in the text boxes and fields you indicated.

The Text Editor Plugin works with the following HTML elements and attributes:

  • <input type="text">
  • <textarea>
  • contenteditable="true" elements that are not readonly or disabled

Additionally, the SDK provides thin wrappers for React and Vue applications.

We also regularly test the SDK with the following frameworks for building rich text editors:

  • CKEditor 5
  • Quill 1.3
  • Slate
  • TinyMCE 5 & 6

For detailed instructions on how to set up the Text Editor SDK, please check this guide

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