Introducing the Text Editor SDK

Grammarly has recently partnered with specific websites and apps, allowing users to check writing while in their service—saving users time by having all writing suggestions directly in-app! If you’re seeing a Grammarly button and have not downloaded the Grammarly browser extension, this may be why! 

The Text Editor SDK checks your text as you write within a specific text field and provides writing suggestions. 

When you click into a text field, you should see Grammarly’s logo in the lower-right corner. As you start typing, Grammarly will begin to check your text dynamically. 

Grammarly’s suggestions in the text field should appear as underlines. To accept a suggestion, hover over the underlined text and click on the suggestion that appears: 


If you are a developer looking to integrate Grammarly into your website, check out this page for more information. 

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