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How to choose where Grammarly for Windows and Mac works

With Grammarly for Windows and Mac, you can choose which apps you’d prefer Grammarly not to initialize in. 

If you’d like to stop checking text on a specific website or application, right-click the floating Grammarly widget that appears when you start typing. You’ll then see the option to turn off Grammarly for a certain period of time or to turn off Grammarly forever: 


If you’d like to turn Grammarly back on, you can do so by opening your settings and following these steps: 

  1. Right-click the Grammarly button that appears when you start typing
  2. Go to Settings > Block List
  3. Click Remove next to the application or a website where you’d like to check your text 

Note: If you are on Mac, you can also click the Grammarly icon in the toolbar at the top of your screen to access your settings. If you use Windows, click the Grammarly icon in the system tray.

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