I can't log in to Grammarly's desktop app with my login details

If you can’t log in, please check your currently installed version of Grammarly’s desktop app by following the instructions provided in this article.

If your version is older than 1.5.68, we recommend that you reinstall the app by following the relevant instructions for your operating system below: 

If the issue persists, follow these steps: 

  1. Try using the manual sign-in option: 
    • Open Grammarly’s desktop app and click Sign In to launch your default browser.
    • Enter your login credentials or click Continue to Grammarly.
    • If clicking Open Grammarly doesn’t help, press Try manual sign-in at the bottom of the page.
    • Click Copy Sign-In Key and reopen the desktop app.

      Note: There is no need to paste the key anywhere—you should already be logged in and able to see your Grammarly dashboard.

  2. Temporarily turn off your VPN, proxy, antivirus, and firewall software.
  3. Change your default browser by following the instructions below:

    Note: Grammarly currently supports Safari 10+, Mozilla Firefox 52+, Google Chrome 67+, and Microsoft Edge 14+ (including the new version based on Chromium).

  4. In case there is an issue with your browser cookies, please clear your cookies using the instructions here
  5. Turn off all of your browser extensions. You can use the instructions below to open the extensions list in your browser:

    Chrome: Copy chrome:extensions into your address bar
    Firefox: Open Tools > Add-ons > Extensions
    Safari: Open Safari > Preferences > Extensions
    Chromium Edge: Copy edge:extensions into your address bar
    Older versions of Microsoft Edge: Press Alt + X keys > click Extensions

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