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Organize exported team overview analytics data

Who has access:
Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education admins, account managers, group managers, and members with designated custom roles

The Team overview page contains the option to export your team’s writing statistics in a CSV file. To do this, click Export in the upper-right corner of the page.

The exported file will contain the analytics data in the following cells:

  • Date: A2:A8
  • Active Members: B2:B8
  • Correctness Suggestions Sent: C2:C8
  • Delivery Suggestions Sent: D2:D8
  • Clarity Suggestions Sent: E2:E8
  • Engagement Suggestions Sent: F2:F8
  • Style Guide Suggestions Sent: G2:G8
  • Correctness Suggestions Addressed: H2:H8
  • Delivery Suggestions Addressed: I2:I8
  • Clarity Suggestions Addressed: J2:J8
  • Engagement Suggestions Addressed: K2:K8
  • Style Guide Suggestions Addressed: L2:L8
  • Correctness Suggestions Unresolved: M2:M8
  • Delivery Suggestions Unresolved: N2:N8
  • Clarity Suggestions Unresolved: O2:O8
  • Engagement Suggestions Unresolved: P2:P8
  • Style Guide Suggestions Unresolved: Q2:Q8
  • Correctness Suggestions Dismissed: R2:R8
  • Delivery Suggestions Dismissed: S2:S8
  • Clarity Suggestions Dismissed: T2:T8
  • Engagement Suggestions Dismissed: U2:U8
  • Style Guide Suggestions Dismissed: V2:V8

Note: The example above is for a 7-day time range. If you export the data for an N-day time range, you will need to change all instances of 8 to N+1. For example, for a 30-day time range: A8 → A31.

If you need to group this data by date, please refer to these articles from Microsoft and Google:

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