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Organize exported analytics data

Who has access?
- Grammarly for Business and Grammarly for Education admins
- Grammarly for Business and Grammarly for Education account managers
- Grammarly for Business and Grammarly for Education group managers

The Analytics page allows you to export your team writing statistics in a CSV file. To do this, you may click Export in the upper-right corner of the page.

Note: All information below is for a 7-day time range. If you export the data for an N-day time range, you will need to change all instances of 8 to N+1. For example, for a 30-day time range: A8 -> A31.

Assuming you did not make any changes to the downloaded file, the data should be listed in the following cells:

  • Date: A2:A8
  • Active Members: B2:B8
  • Correctness Suggestions Sent: C2:C8
  • Delivery Suggestions Sent: D2:D8
  • Clarity Suggestions Sent: E2:E8
  • Engagement Suggestions Sent: F2:F8
  • Style Guide Suggestions Sent: G2:G8
  • Correctness Suggestions Addressed: H2:H8
  • Delivery Suggestions Addressed: I2:I8
  • Clarity Suggestions Addressed: J2:J8
  • Engagement Suggestions Addressed: K2:K8
  • Style Guide Suggestions Addressed: L2:L8
  • Correctness Suggestions Unresolved: M2:M8
  • Delivery Suggestions Unresolved: N2:N8
  • Clarity Suggestions Unresolved: O2:O8
  • Engagement Suggestions Unresolved: P2:P8
  • Style Guide Suggestions Unresolved: Q2:Q8
  • Correctness Suggestions Dismissed: R2:R8
  • Delivery Suggestions Dismissed: S2:S8
  • Clarity Suggestions Dismissed: T2:T8
  • Engagement Suggestions Dismissed: U2:U8
  • Style Guide Suggestions Dismissed: V2:V8
  • Percent of Tone 1_Tone_Name: W2:W8
  • Percent of Tone 2_Tone_Name: X2:X8
  • Percent of Tone 3_Tone_Name: Y2:Y8

If you need to group this data by date, please refer to these articles from Microsoft and Google:

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