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What data does Grammarly for Safari collect and process?

When you use the Grammarly browser extension for Safari, we will collect the following information to help us provide, improve, and promote our services:

The type of data we collect

Apple categorization

What it consists of

Why we need it

User content

“User content”

Any text that you check with the help of Grammarly.

We need access to your text to provide you with writing suggestions.

Product interaction data

“Usage data”

Any action you perform with the app. For example, app launches, clicks, text checks, etc.

To provide our services and personalized features as well as to analyze how you use our services. We may also use this information to gather aggregated user behavior data for marketing purposes.

Contact information

“Contact info”

Email address and name.

For user authentication, to communicate with you via emails, and for marketing purposes. We do not sell your information to third-party data brokers.

User ID


A unique number tied to your Grammarly account.

To be able to identify you in Grammarly’s internal systems.

Grammarly device ID


A random identifier assigned to a user device in our internal systems.

To provide our services and to analyze user behavior data.

Diagnostics data


Error logs, launch and use times, etc.

To calculate aggregated statistics regarding app performance.

Note: Grammarly for Safari only processes the content written in text fields and only if it's actively being used. Additionally, it does not process anything you type in text fields marked "sensitive," such as credit card forms or password fields. If desired, you may turn off the Grammarly extension in a particular text field or on a website.

We value the trust our customers put in us to keep their information safe and secure. To help us achieve this goal, we adhere to industry-accepted security standards. Visit Grammarly’s Trust Center to learn about our user-first approach to privacy and security. If you'd like to learn more about our security practices and attestations, please see this page.

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