How do I configure the Grammarly app in Centrify?

Who has access?
- Grammarly Business account owners

  1. Log in to your Centrify account.
  2. In the Admin Portal, click Apps, then Web Apps, then click Add Web Apps.PDT_2823.png
  3. On the page that opens, click Custom.
  4. In the Custom tab, next to the SAML application, click Add.
  5. On the Add Web App screen, click Yes to add the application.
  6. From the Custom app page, go to the Trust page.
  7. In the Service Provider Configuration, select the Metadata option.
  8. In the URL field, enter and hit Load.pasted_image_0.png
  9. On the SAML Response page, use the Attributes section to configure the following SAML attributes (name and value):
    • EmailAddress | Email
    • FirstName | FirstName
    • LastName | LastNameSAML_response.png
  10. (Optional) If you want to easily identify the Grammarly app, customize the Application Name and Logo fields on the Settings page. You can download the Grammarly logo here.

To enable SSO in your Grammarly account, you will need the following information available in the TrustIdentity Provider ConfigurationManual Configuration section of the app.

  • Single Sign-On URL
  • Identity Provider ID / Issuer
  • X.509 Certificate


Once the Grammarly app in Centrify is configured, you can follow the steps outlined here to enable SSO for your account.

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