How do I configure my identity provider (IdP) for Grammarly?

- An identity provider account with access to the administrator console
- A Grammarly Business account with owner permissions

Here are the instructions for how to add Grammarly to some of the popular IdPs:

If your IdP of choice is not on the list, you can still try to configure it for Grammarly by using the following parameters:

  1. Single sign-on URL:
  2. Audience URI/SP Entity ID/Issuer:
  3. Name ID format: EmailAddress
  4. Name ID / Application Username / Unique Identifier: Email
  5. Attributes/Claims:
    • EmailAddress
    • FirstName
    • LastName

After you have the Grammarly SAML app set-up in your IdP, please see this page for instructions on how to enable SSO for your account. 

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