Using Grammarly's tone detector in Grammarly for Microsoft Office in Outlook

If you’re a Windows user, Grammarly can now check the tone of your emails when you use Grammarly for Microsoft Office in Outlook. 

Note: Our tone detector is also available through the Grammarly browser extension. You can learn more here. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Microsoft Word or other Grammarly products at this time.  

To check the tone of your writing in Microsoft Outlook, please follow these steps:

  1. Double-check that your version of Grammarly for Microsoft Office is 6.8.230 or newer. To check the version, please open Microsoft Outlook, click Grammarly in the toolbar and select About. If your version is older, reinstall Grammarly for Microsoft Office by following the steps in this article
  2. If Grammarly is up to date, start replying to an email or composing a new one. Be sure to write a few sentences—the tone detector needs at least 120 characters to activate.
  3. Click the emoji that appears in the lower left corner of Grammarly’s sidebar:
  4. You can also click the Tone Detector button in the Grammarly tab for more information about the tone of your writing:

Note: At this time, the option to disable the tone detector in Microsoft Outlook is not available. 

To learn more about Grammarly’s tone detector, check this blog post.

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