Guide to the admin panel

The admin panel is where you can manage your subscription, add or remove team members, and monitor your team’s writing activity. 

To access the admin panel, you need to log in to your Grammarly Business account at and click Admin panel on the left-side panel of the page:


Note: If you paid by invoice, then some of the functionality described below may not be available. To make changes to a subscription purchased through Grammarly’s Sales team, please contact your account manager or email

Pages available in the admin panel:

  1. Subscription
  2. Administration
  3. Analytics
  4. Members
  5. Style Guide

Subscription management

The first thing you’ll see is the Subscription page. Here you can:

  1. Change your team name
  2. Change the number of seats on your account
  3. Transfer admin permissions to a member of your team 
  4. Change the payment method on file
  5. Download your billing receipts 
  6. Cancel your subscription



The Administration page allows you to turn off automatic checking in Microsoft Word and Outlook. When this setting is turned on, Grammarly will automatically check text in documents and emails:


When this feature is turned off, your team members will need to manually enable Grammarly in each document or email they wish to check. 

Writing statistics

To explore your team’s writing activity, please see the Analytics page:  


Here you can set the desired timeframe for your query as well as export the results in an Excel file.

In the Words Checked section, you can see the total number of words checked by all team members using all Grammarly products.

The graph titled Alerts Reviewed shows how many times your team members clicked on correction cards to go over Grammarly’s suggestions. 

You can also hover your cursor over the graph to see the value on the exact date. We hope this helps to evaluate your team’s productivity as well as Grammarly’s role in it. 

User management

If you’d like to manage your team, you are welcome to visit the Members page. It allows you to see the current status of your team as well as:

  1. Invite new users
  2. Remove existing team members


Style guide

On the Style Guide page you can create custom rules for your team to ensure that your writing carries the company's unique branding and style. For more information about this feature, please see our detailed guide.

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