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Error: Grammarly Editor is loading

If you see this error message, please temporarily turn off your VPN, antivirus, and firewall software. If that helps, please add Grammarly to the software’s allowed list:


If you’re using Grammarly in a corporate environment and you cannot turn off your antivirus and firewall software or add Grammarly to this software’s allowed list, please ask your IT administrator to do that.

Note: The Grammarly Editor for Windows doesn’t currently support proxy, so if you're using a proxy, please try turning it off and let us know if that doesn't help. If you are not sure whether you use a proxy, please follow the steps in this article. 

If the Grammarly Editor for Windows and Mac doesn’t work after trying these steps, we suggest switching to the web version of the Grammarly Editor. For more information about the Grammarly Editor, visit this page

Alternatively, you can try Grammarly for Windows (if you use Windows 10 or newer) or Grammarly for Mac (if you use macOS 10.12 or newer), which support integration with a wide array of applications and websites. To find out more, check out this article

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