Why don't I see clarity feedback or tone detection in the Grammarly browser extension?

Grammarly’s extensive feedback is organized into four categories to help you understand the reasoning behind each writing suggestion Grammarly makes. These dimensions of writing feedback focus on correctness, clarity, delivery, and engagement in your writing.

Grammarly’s tone detector is a feature that can help you detect the emotions and tones present in your writing to help you understand if your message will come across as intended to your reader. It can also detect how formal or informal your message may seem. 

Clarity suggestions and tone detection will appear on most sites where Grammarly works for users with free accounts. However, some business-related sites show clarity suggestions and tone detection for Premium users only. Here are some examples of those sites:

  • salesforce.com
  • crm.zoho.com
  • salesloft.com
  • mailchimp.com
  • surveymonkey.com 
  • employer.indeed.com 
  • asana.com
  • force.com
  • qualtrics.com

To access clarity writing feedback and tone detection on these sites, upgrade to Grammarly Premium.

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