Human Proofreading submission standards

Although anyone on our proofreading team can cancel any job at his or her discretion, we do our best to adhere to a shared set of guidelines when making these decisions. Specifically, we tend to accept all documents besides those that our proofreaders classify as the following:

  1. Decipherable Text. We realize that everyone’s writing journey must begin somewhere, and that inexperienced and English-as-a-second-language (ESL) speakers may not have built up their English language skills yet but, as a proofreading service, we cannot revise text that is not already grammatically coherent. Obviously, grammatically coherent is a subjective term, so our hope is that the following list of work that cannot be accepted by our team gives you a good sense of our position:
    • Machine-translated text.
    • Text with more than three grammatical or stylistic errors per line (on average).
    • Garbled or unintelligible text.
    • Short or incomplete text that does not contain enough context to be proofread without a lot of guesswork.
  2. Unobjectionable Content. We reserve the right to reject any submission that contains offensive language or subjects, such as hate speech and pornography. Although individual thresholds vary, we advise against submitting content that would not likely be broadcast on a major television network during regular business hours. Please let us know if you need additional guidance about what constitutes offensive content.
  3. Legitimate Requests. Text that explicitly or implicitly asks to be corrected or added upon as if it were a professional or school assignment will be rejected. We are happy to revise your text so that your writing becomes polished and clear, but our service does not include doing research for you or completing work for an assignment.
  4. Prose Work. Because certain creative work (such as poetry) often deviates from traditional grammar and style rules intentionally, it is nearly impossible to revise a document of this nature while preserving the author’s intentions. For this reason, we request that you pursue another editing service that specializes in this type of content.

Ultimately, if you’re not sure whether your text qualifies for our proofreading service, you are welcome to submit it and see what our proofreaders have to say. Additionally, if you would like further clarification, you may reach out to our Support team for more information. In the event that we deem the text falls outside our submission standards, we recommend seeking out another text-correction service.

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