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Expert writing service submission standards

Occasionally, our writing experts may cancel an order you sent and refund your payment. We do our best to follow a shared set of guidelines when making these decisions. We usually accept all documents unless our writing experts believe they fall into the following categories:

  1. Unclear text. We are unable to revise text that is hard to understand or machine translated. Also, our writing experts may reject short or incomplete documents that do not have enough context to be revised without a lot of guesswork. Finally, our writing experts may reject a submission if the document contains inconsistent spacing or irregular formatting.
  2. Frequent mistakes. We know that everyone’s writing journey begins somewhere and that new English learners or English-as-a-second-language (ESL) speakers may still be developing their English fluency. However, our writing experts may reject text that is too unclear on a grammatical or mechanical level to be revised without a lot of guesswork.
  3. Offensive content. Our writing experts may reject any order that contains offensive language or subject matter. While we recognize that views differ regarding what may be considered offensive, we don’t recommend submitting content that may offend a general audience or make some readers uncomfortable.
  4. Illegitimate request. An order with text that needs corrections or additions as if it were a professional or school assignment will be rejected. For example, we will not accept an order requesting that we answer an essay question or asking us to point out or revise all sentences with grammar or spelling mistakes. We are happy to revise your original text so that your writing becomes polished and clear, but our service does not include completing work for an assignment or doing research for you.
  5. Specialized work. Our writing experts have general language mastery, but they are not specialists in the best practices for all genres, topics, and fields. Also, because certain types of creative work (such as poetry) often require untraditional grammar and style, it can be difficult to revise such documents while keeping your writing voice intact. In these circumstances, we ask that you find another revision service that specializes in this type of content.

If you’re not sure whether your text fits our expert writing service submission standards, you are welcome to submit it and stand by for our writing experts’ feedback. Also, if you need more clarification, you may reach out to our Support team for more information. If we find that your text falls into the categories above, we recommend searching for another editing service.

Note: If you can’t send us your document because it has tables, please remove the tables and convert the text in the tables to plain text.

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