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Can anyone at Grammarly read my text?

No, only those who have an approved need to access certain data are given access to that data—access is granted via specific, audited permissions, and access to data requires review and approval by the responsible managers. 

For example, if you encounter a problem with your account that can only be fixed by reviewing your text, a select group working directly on that task may access your document with your permission. Also, if you send a document to our expert writing service, our writing experts will read the content you submit to make edits that are offered by this service. 

You always retain all rights to your text, including copyrights and duplication privileges. In short, your work remains yours.

Note: The expert writing service is available only to Grammarly Premium customers.

We value the trust our customers put in us to keep their information safe and secure. Visit Grammarly’s Trust Center to learn about our user-first approach to privacy and security.

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