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Personal data report

You are able to see data that Grammarly associates with your account by requesting a personal data report.

Request a personal data report by going to your privacy settings and clicking “Submit Request” alongside Personal Data Report. If you previously requested one or more reports, you will see the status of those requests here.

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You will receive an email when your personal data report is ready. Grammarly typically processes personal data report requests within a few hours. As a security measure, we’ll ask you to enter your Grammarly account credentials to access the report, even if you are already logged in. 

Note: Your permission to view a report will expire in seven days, but you can always request a new report.

If you choose to “Download as plain text” when the report is ready to be viewed, you will receive a plain-text copy of the report, which may result in your device storing the report locally. Grammarly disclaims all responsibility if local copies of the report are accessible to other users of a shared device. Please exercise caution when storing and accessing your personal data report.

As an alternative to obtaining a report through your account hub, you can submit a personal data report request by contacting our Support team. You may also contact Support if you have any questions about the information included in the personal data report. Users seeking to further understand their data rights can learn more by reviewing our Privacy Policy here.

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