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Introducing Translate with Grammarly

Who has access:
Grammarly Enterprise users
Members of institution-wide Grammarly for Education licenses

This feature allows you to translate text directly within Grammarly. This way, you can stay focused on your current work and minimize the need to switch to external translation tools.


  • To use the translation feature, generative AI must be turned on for your account. If the admin of your Grammarly Enterprise license has turned off generative AI, you will not be able to use the translation feature. You can ask your admin to turn on generative AI by following the steps from this article: Enable generative AI for your team
  • Once generative AI is turned on, team members with the admin role can turn on Translate with Grammarly by opening the Organization tab in the admin panel, selecting App actions, and turning on the switch next to Translate with Grammarly.
  • The translation feature is currently supported in Grammarly for Windows and Mac, in Grammarly for Chrome, and in the Grammarly Figma plugin.

How to use the Translate with Grammarly app 

To translate text as you write with Grammarly, follow these steps:

  1. Click the lightbulb icon next to the Grammarly button:                         
  2. In the assistant that opens, start typing “translate,” and click Translate with Grammarly once this option appears.
  3. Type in the text you’d like to translate. You can also highlight the text, and it will be automatically inserted into the translation field.
  4. Select the language you’d like to translate your text into. The language of your original text will be detected automatically.
  5. The text you’ve entered will be instantly translated into the language that you selected.
  6. Click Insert to paste the translated text directly where you are writing, or select Copy to copy the text to the clipboard.

What languages can I translate from and into?

You can translate your text from and to these languages: Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English (British), English (American), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Mexico), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Is there a limit on the number of characters that can be translated at once?

Currently, it is possible to translate a maximum of 4,000 characters at once.

Is it possible to receive several translation options?

At this time, alternative translation options can be available for text under 10 words.

Is it possible to translate static text?

Translate with Grammarly is designed to work with text that you’ve written or are writing. It doesn’t currently work with static text, such as text on a web page or the text from an email you received, but it can translate text that you write as a reply.

How to submit feedback or a feature request?

Please use the Give feedback form directly within the app, message your Customer Success Manager, or contact Support.

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