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How to retrieve performance logs in Grammarly for Windows

Our Support team may request performance logs if there is a performance issue with Grammarly for Windows. If you experience a technical issue, please check out the Resolve Issues section of our Support site first.

If you’re asked to retrieve performance logs, please follow these steps: 

  1. Enable performance logging:
  • Go to the Grammarly for Windows settings and press Ctrl+G+R+A.
  • Click Turn on measuring latency:

  1. Reproduce the performance issue: input text, click buttons in the host application, or perform any other actions that will slow down the application or cause high CPU usage.
  2. Go back to the advanced Grammarly for Windows settings window and click Turn off measuring latency to stop collecting the logs.
  3. Press Win+R, paste the following line, and hit Enter:
  4. Send the files from that folder to us in a Support ticket
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