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Introducing strategic suggestions

Our empowering new feature, strategic suggestions, leverages AI to analyze your text and guide you toward purposeful communication. With strategic suggestions, Grammary's AI is audience-aware and predicts what your audience will say before you hit send. It helps your writing resonate by making your main point prominent and tailoring the writing to your specific audience. These adjustments make your communication more impactful, helping you to move projects forward and confidently achieve your goals.

Important: This feature is currently being rolled out in phases. We anticipate that all eligible Grammarly users will have access by the end of April.

Who has access

  • Grammarly Premium users
  • Grammarly for Business users
  • Grammarly for Education users (the feature is turned off by default and needs to be activated by the account admin)

Note: Grammarly for Business and Grammarly for Education admins can manage strategic suggestions from the admin panel by going to Writing > Org style > Org preferences. If your admin has turned off the feature, you will not be able to use it.


This feature is available in Grammarly for Windows and Mac, the Grammarly Editor, and the Grammarly browser extension for Google Docs.

Note: At this time, our strategic suggestions do not recognize the writing preferences you might have set. Additionally, strategic suggestions are provided in American English only.

Managing your account settings 

Your Grammarly settings are located in your Account Settings.

If you no longer wish to receive strategic suggestions, open your account settings, go to Your preferences, and switch off See ways to increase impact.

Grammarly for Business and Grammarly for Education admins

If you are an admin, please get in touch with your account manager to have this feature activated. Once it is, you can turn strategic suggestions on or off for your team on the Org preferences page.

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