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The Grammarly Keyboard for Android has been discontinued

We have discontinued the Grammarly Keyboard for Android. This decision is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance our core services and provide the best user experience. We are grateful for your support and understanding as we make this transition.

As we move forward, here are a few key points to note:

  • We're excited to introduce Grammarly for Android, a dynamic addition to our product offerings. This innovative app is designed to work seamlessly with any Android keyboard, bringing Grammarly's trusted real-time suggestions directly to your fingertips. To learn more, check the Grammarly for Android user guide
  • Grammarly for Android is equipped with AI-powered features like contextual rewrites and tone suggestions. These advanced capabilities ensure that your writing is not only error-free but also aligns with the intended tone and style, no matter where you are composing your text. Learn more by reading How to use Grammarly's generative AI on my mobile device.

To find out what else Grammarly has to offer, check out this article: Grammarly's product offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will the Grammarly Keyboard for Android continue to work?

The Grammarly Keyboard for Android has been discontinued. We invite you to use Grammarly for Android—our new product offering that seamlessly integrates with any Android keyboard, providing you with Grammarly's real-time suggestions within your preferred keyboard. 

Grammarly for Android also supports our AI-powered features, including generative AI assistance. 

To learn more, visit this page: Grammarly for Android user guide.

Is the functionality of Grammarly for Android the same as the keyboard?

Grammarly for Android integrates seamlessly with any third-party or native keyboard of your choice. This allows you to retain the benefits of your preferred keyboard, including custom views, typing speed, and autocorrect, while also receiving Grammarly suggestions and using Grammarly's generative AI assistance.

Visit this page to learn more: Grammarly for Android user guide.

Can I use third-party keyboards with Grammarly for Android?

Yes, absolutely! You can use any third-party or native keyboard with Grammarly for Android.


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