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Introducing Grammarly's plugin for Figma and FigJam

We're excited to announce a new Grammarly plugin you can use directly in Figma and FigJam! 

Note: The plugin is currently in the beta testing stage.

How do I install the plugin? 

To add the Grammarly plugin for Figma, visit this page: Grammarly (Beta) plugin.

Where does the plugin work? 

The plugin works in both the desktop and web versions of Figma and FigJam on Windows and Mac.

To use the plugin, you need to have Grammarly for Windows or Grammarly for Mac installed and running. When you run the Grammarly Figma plugin, you will see suggestions as soon as you select a text layer.

The plugin supports any text layer, including stickies, shapes, and tables in FigJam.

Note: The plugin doesn't check the text in comments in Figma or FigJam.

What features are available? 

All features that are currently offered in Grammarly for Windows and Mac are available in this plugin.

How do I use the plugin? 

Once you run the Grammarly plugin for Figma, you will see a window prompting you to select at least one text layer to view suggestions from Grammarly.

When a text layer is selected, the Grammarly Figma plugin will show a window with the text from the text layer.

Note: The text shown in the plugin window will not display the formatting. The formatting will be applied automatically once you click Update text layer. If the selected text layer has multiple styles and formatting, the Grammarly Figma plugin will insert the text according to the style or formatting of the first word of the text.

You can view, accept, and dismiss suggestions inline and via the assistant mode. The changes you make at this point are applied to the text in the plugin window.

Once you've responded to the suggestions, click Update text layer. The final text will be inserted into the corresponding text layer in Figma or FigJam.


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