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How to use Grammarly's generative AI on my mobile device


We now offer the ability to use Grammarly’s generative AI features in Grammarly for Android.

Note: Our generative AI features are not supported in the Grammarly Keyboard for Android.

To use Grammarly’s generative AI, please do the following:

1. Select the text segment that you’d like to improve. To do this, long-press on the text in question until the selection markers appear, then drag these markers to wrap the text you’d like to edit.

2. Once you have selected your text, tap Improve it:

The Improve it button appears when you select text

3. You will see several options for how your text can be rewritten. Tap a prompt that suits your needs:

prompt options in generative AI

You can also create a custom prompt by entering it in the Tell us to . . . field.

4. When satisfied with the proposed rewrite, tap Insert to confirm the changes. This will automatically replace your original text with the updated version:

iPad or iPhone

To use Grammarly’s generative AI features on your iPhone or iPad, ensure the Grammarly Keyboard is active, and then highlight the text you want to rewrite. Once the text is selected, tap Improve it:

Note: Improve it will only appear if two or more words are selected.

After tapping Improve it, you’ll see a variety of prompts as well as three different formality options to choose from. Tap your desired formality and prompt, then tap Generate text, and Grammarly will rewrite it, taking into account your choices: 

Once Grammarly has generated the revised text, you can tap Insert to replace the highlighted text or Rephrase if you’d like Grammarly to rewrite it again:

You can also tap Copy text if you’d like to keep your original text intact, or if you’d like to paste the rewritten text elsewhere.

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