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Introducing voice features

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To help organizations communicate more authentically and efficiently, Grammarly is introducing new voice features.

The voice features allow Grammarly to develop a voice profile based on each user’s writing style and help them rewrite text in their own unique voice.

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What’s included in the voice features?

Here’s what the voice features include:

  • automatic detection of a user’s writing style
  • voice profile that displays the user’s writing style:

Voice profile.png

  • generative AI prompt that applies the user’s writing style to their text


Personalized voice profile

You can view your personalized voice profile by clicking the lightbulb icon and selecting the voice iconMy voice icon.png in the upper-right corner:

My voice.png

Grammarly detects your unique voice profile from your writing and updates the profile continuously as you write.

Additionally, Grammarly understands that you may write short messages in one style and use a different style for longer documents. So it keeps separate voice profiles for documents and messages and can apply the appropriate profile based on the application or website you’re using.

You can switch between the Documents and Messages tabs to view the corresponding voice profile:

Communication style.png

Also, you can customize your voice profile by selecting your role and dialect. To do so, open your voice profile and hover over the section that contains your name, role, and dialect to reveal the Edit button:

Edit voice profile.png

You can also remove the communication style elements from your voice profile by clicking on them and selecting No, remove it:

Remove communication style.png


How to use the voice features

Once Grammarly has created your voice profile, you can apply it to your text using on-demand generative AI assistance. Here’s how:

  1. Highlight the text you’d like to rewrite in your voice and click the lightbulb icon or the pencil icon that appears.
  2. In the pop-up that appears next, select Rewrite in my voice. You may need to click More to see this option.               
  3. You can instantly insert the rewritten text into your writing or continue editing it by clicking Rephrase or selecting other suggested prompts.

Note: To learn more about Grammarly’s generative AI assistance, check out this article: Introducing generative AI assistance


Where can I use the voice features?

At this time, the voice features are available in Grammarly for Windows, Grammarly for Mac, and Grammarly for Chrome.

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