Grammarly is asking me to upgrade to Premium when I have already paid

This issue occurs if you have created two or more accounts with Grammarly and you log in to a free account instead of the Premium one.

To resolve the issue, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that you are signed out of all Grammarly accounts by clicking on the "Log out" anywhere on the site.
  • Click "Log in" at Enter your Grammarly Premium email address and your password.

I don't remember my email

Search every email account you use for the word "Grammarly" to find any emails we've sent you. If you still can't locate your Grammarly log-in details, please provide this information to help us find your account:

  • First name on your Grammarly account
  • Last name on your Grammarly account (if any)
  • Сard number on file or your PayPal email

Read this article to learn about how to fix this issue in the Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft®Office.

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