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Introducing generative AI assistance on Grammarly for iPhone and iPad

Leading the evolution of digital writing, Grammarly introduces its generative AI assistance to the Grammarly Keyboard for iPhone and iPad users, a feature that perfectly aligns with today's dynamic writing demands. Whether you're drafting an email that needs a personal touch, composing a captivating social media post, or crafting a formal document, Grammarly's AI writing partner stands ready to elevate your writing.

How it works

The process of utilizing the Grammarly Keyboard's AI writing assistance on your iPhone or iPad is intuitive and user-friendly:

  1. Start by selecting the text you wish to improve.

  2. Tap the Improve it button to explore ways to enhance your text.

  3. Three tone options, 👕Casual, 😐Neutral, and 👔Formal, will appear at the top. Tap the one you want, depending on the nature of your communication:

  4. You can rewrite text by choosing one of the available prompts:  “Sound compassionate,” “Make it assertive,” “Sound cooperative,” and many others. Select the type of improvement that best suits your communication needs.

  5. After setting your preferences, tap Generate text and watch as your text is reshaped to convey the exact tone and intent you desire.

  6. The revised text appears on the suggestion card. Tap Insert to apply the changes or Rephrase to explore alternative suggestions.

  7. Swipe to view previous results if you want to compare or choose earlier revisions.
  8. If you prefer not to replace the highlighted text but want to use the revised content elsewhere, tap Copy Text.

Note: Each Grammarly user has a set number of prompts they can use in a given month. Each time you type something into the prompt field or select one of the suggested prompts generated by Grammarly, this counts toward your usage limit.

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