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Introducing the Writing Progress Dashboard

Who has access?
- Grammarly for Business admins, account managers, and users
- Grammarly for Education admins, account managers, and users

The Writing Progress Dashboard allows you to track your writing activity and progress over time to help you build your core writing skills.

Writing Progress.png

The Writing Progress Dashboard provides the following personalized insights:

Performance Score, which tracks the quality of your writing week over week compared to your organization’s average, so you can monitor your performance over time

Performance Score.png

Note: You can view your performance score for the last four weeks.

Top Tones Detected, which displays the top seven tones detected in your writing over the week and their change over time because it’s not just about what you say but how you say it.

Top Tones Detected.png

Grammarly Usage, which shows your usage frequency and how many sessions you improved, so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your Grammarly license.

Grammarly Usage.png

The dashboard also recommends learning resources based on your top areas for improvement from the previous week to help you learn and level up your writing.

Top Areas for Improvement.png

To learn more about the weekly Grammarly Insights reports that you receive via email, visit this article: Common questions about weekly Grammarly Insights reports

For more information about your organization-wide Analytics Dashboard, check out this article: Analyze my team’s writing performance

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