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Product Improvement & Training Control FAQ for Grammarly Business Accounts Purchased Through the Grammarly Website

Audience: Administrators of Grammarly for Business accounts purchased through Grammarly’s website. If your organization purchased a Grammarly Business plan through Grammarly’s sales team, or you manage a Grammarly for Education account, refer to this page instead: Product Improvement & Training Control FAQ for Grammarly Business Accounts Purchased Through Grammarly’s Sales Team.

What is the Product Improvement & Training control?

The Product Improvement & Training control allows administrators of Grammarly Business accounts purchased through our website to opt out of allowing Grammarly to use their organization's content for product improvement. Product improvement includes training and validating Grammarly’s AI and machine learning models and general research that informs features Grammarly could build. 

See below for how an administrator can turn on and off organization content being used for product improvement and training.

How do I turn Product Improvement & Training on or off? 

Follow the steps below to turn on or off Product Improvement & Training:

  1. Go to Account Settings at
  2. Go to “Data Settings” under Administration.
  3. Click the “Product Improvement & Training” toggle to change its setting.

Important Note: The default setting is on (green checkmark shown), meaning that Product Improvement & Training is enabled. Clicking the toggle will turn it off, meaning that Grammarly will not use your content for training.

Other FAQs

   1. What does “product improvement & training” mean?

Generative AI relies on large language models (LLMs), and LLMs are taught by means of large amounts of data. In some cases, that includes customer data, although Grammarly invites users to decide whether their organization’s data is used in this way. This is what we mean by the term “training.” In addition, Grammarly is able to process customer data in order to learn how our product is used and how it might function better. This is what “product improvement” means. In sum, product improvement and training refers to:

  1. Training datasets for AI and ML 
  2. Validation of models 
  3. General research that informs what features Grammarly could build

With product improvement and training off, Grammarly will not use your organization's content for the above purposes.

   2. What content is impacted by the Product Improvement & Training control?

When this control is turned off, Grammarly will not collect any user content for product improvement and training purposes. However, Grammarly may still collect non-content data, such as writing statistics (total words written, types of suggestions accepted, mistakes made, etc.), and may use that data for product improvement and training.

3. How do you protect my organization’s content and data?

We take robust steps to protect all of our users and their data, with industry-leading security, privacy, and responsible AI measures. If an organization does allow Grammarly to use their organization’s content for product improvement and training, all sampled content is de-identified (removing any association to the identity of a user), sanitized (removing sensitive data such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or email addresses), and anonymized (replacing any identifiable content with other, random content so that no content can be associated with a user—for example, replacing the name “Christopher Pike” with “Jack Sparrow”).

4. What happens if I am an admin located in the European Union (EU) or UK, or I have users in my institution who live in the EU or UK?

We do not train on any organization content from users whose account originates in the EU or UK, regardless of the setting of this control.

5. What happens if my organization negotiated a unique data privacy agreement or is subject to special privacy requirements, like HIPAA?

The product improvement and training control does not affect other arrangements; Grammarly will continue to adhere to all existing contracts and agreements.

For further questions, please contact your sales representative or customer support.

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