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Introducing GrammarlyGO for Business

Who has access?
- Grammarly Business admins
- Grammarly Business account managers
- Grammarly Business users

GrammarlyGO for Business provides a set of features designed to make GrammarlyGO work seamlessly for our Grammarly Business users. It includes integrations with your Knowledge Share terms, tone modifications according to your team’s brand tones, and personalized action templates to help you create content such as outreach emails, press releases, job descriptions, and more.

Topics covered in this article:

How to start using GrammarlyGO for Business

If you're a Grammarly Business admin, GrammarlyGO for Business is already available to you. For Grammarly Business account managers or users, access to GrammarlyGO for Business is determined by the admin’s preference.

Note: If you’re new to GrammarlyGO, you can discover more by in this article: Introducing GrammarlyGO

Knowledge Share context integration

Knowledge Share allows you to create definitions for terms like acronyms or internal project names. Users can then view the definition of a term by hovering over it in text.

Note: You can learn more about Knowledge Share in this article: Introducing Knowledge Share

If you have added Knowledge Share terms for your organization, GrammarlyGO will suggest integrating them into your writing. Here are some examples:

  • If you’re using the Compose mode in GrammarlyGO and enter a prompt that contains a Knowledge Share term, GrammarlyGO will generate content based on the term’s definition that you added on the Knowledge Share page:Compose.png
  • When you rewrite your text using the suggested GrammarlyGO actions, GrammarlyGO can add Knowledge Share context to your writing. E.g., if your text contains a Knowledge Share term, once you’ve clicked Make it more descriptive or Make it more detailed, GrammarlyGO will incorporate the term’s description into the generated text:Rewrite.png
  • If you’re replying to an email that contains questions about a Knowledge Share term (e.g., “What is X?” or “Where can I learn more about X?”), the Reply quickly mode in Gmail will offer a suggested reply option based on the available Knowledge Share definition:Reply

Incorporating your brand tone guidelines

GrammarlyGO can suggest tone changes related to your organization’s brand tone settings.

When improving your text and clicking More, you will see the Brand tone suggestions section. The section will show a list of on-brand tones that you can quickly apply to your writing:


Additionally, you can click Sound more on-brand, which will automatically rewrite your text, making it more on-brand based on your organization’s tone settings.

Personalized action templates for business-specific use cases

GrammarlyGO for Business brings additional action templates (Ideas for you) that can help you quickly create business-related content.

When starting with a blank page or text field, you will see more ideas of what you can include in your prompt for GrammarlyGO based on:

  • The website or app you’re using.
  • Your primary function (e.g., Sales, Marketing, Communications), which you may have selected when creating your Grammarly account. You can view and change your primary function on the Account Settings page.


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