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Introducing Knowledge Share

Who has access?
- Grammarly Business admins
- Grammarly Business account managers
- Grammarly Business users

Knowledge Share helps your team members decode terms like acronyms or internal project names by providing tooltip-like explanations—a definition of a term, key contacts, and links to relevant documents.

Topics covered in this article:

How to add terms to Knowledge Share

You and your team members can add the terms that you’d like to define in two ways:

  1. By going to the Knowledge Share page, clicking Add term, and selecting Add individual term:Add
  2. By opening the Knowledge Share page, clicking Add term, and choosing Import list. You will see the prompt to download a template, which you can fill in with the list of terms. Once that’s done, click Next in the same window and upload the file.

Additionally, you can benefit from our pre-set term lists that are available by clicking Add term and selecting Add pre-set terms.

Once the terms have been added, Grammarly will highlight them for you and your team members. Hover over a highlighted term to surface its description, relevant documents, and key contacts:


Note: The option to add, edit, delete, or export Knowledge Share terms is available to all team members at this time.

Where does Knowledge Share work?

Currently, Knowledge Share is available in Google Docs and Gmail via Grammarly for Chrome, and in Microsoft Word via Grammarly for Windows.

In Google Docs, Knowledge Share definitions will be displayed in documents that are not owned by you. In Gmail, terms will be defined in emails that have been received or already sent by you.

In Microsoft Word on Windows, you will see Knowledge Share highlights while writing, reading your documents in Read Mode, and viewing read-only documents.

How to edit or delete Knowledge Share terms

To edit or delete a term, go to the Knowledge Share page and click on the term you’d like to modify. In the window that opens next, edit the term details and click Save to apply the changes, or click Delete term if you’d like to delete the term:


You can also start editing a term from its definition card that appears on hover.

Additionally, you can delete a term by locating it on the Knowledge Share page and clicking the three dots icon next to the term.

Note: When creating terms, you can add aliases (alternative names) for each term.

How to export Knowledge Share terms

You can export the terms in bulk by going to the Knowledge Share page and clicking Export in the upper-right corner:


Knowledge Share and GrammarlyGO integration

Grammarly Business customers can incorporate relevant information from Knowledge Share terms into the content they generate with GrammarlyGO.

Here are some examples:

  • If you’re using the Compose mode in GrammarlyGO and enter a prompt that contains a Knowledge Share term, GrammarlyGO will generate content based on the term’s definition that you added on the Knowledge Share page:Compose.png
  • When you rewrite your text using the suggested GrammarlyGO actions, GrammarlyGO can add Knowledge Share context to your writing. E.g., if your text contains a Knowledge Share term, once you’ve clicked Make it more descriptive or Make it more detailed, GrammarlyGO will incorporate the term’s description into the generated text:Rewrite.png
  • If you’re replying to an email that contains questions about a Knowledge Share term (e.g., “What is X?” or “Where can I learn more about X?”), the Reply quickly mode in Gmail will offer a suggested reply option based on the available Knowledge Share definition:Reply

To discover other integrations with your organizational context offered by GrammarlyGO, check out this article: Introducing GrammarlyGO for Business

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