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Can I apply for a student or educator discount?

Currently, Grammarly grants a 40% discount to students and educators.

To apply for a student discount, please submit a request at Grammarly for Students. To see if you can receive an educator discount, please visit Grammarly for Educators (K-12 faculty) or Grammarly for Educators (University/Post-secondary faculty).

We use SheerID to make sure you are eligible for a Grammarly discount for students or educators.

Note: SheerID may ask you to provide an official document issued by your school or university. Once your status is verified, you will receive a Grammarly discount in the form of a promo link in an email from

Grammarly discounts are valid for one subscription period only, they cannot be combined or applied to previous purchases, and the discount links are valid for a limited period of time. Additionally, Grammarly discounts cannot be applied to purchases made via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

If you encounter any issues during the verification, please try using the private or incognito mode of your browser. To do so, you can use a combination of Cmd+Shift+N on Mac or a combination of Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows.

If you experience payment difficulties, please see this article: Why am I seeing a message that there is a problem with my payment?

After you apply for a Grammarly discount, SheerID needs to verify that your academic credentials are valid. This process can take up to five business days.

If your student or educator status wasn’t confirmed, please reach out to SheerID Support for more information. Grammarly doesn’t have any control over the verification process.

I can’t request a student or educator discount because my school isn’t on the list

If your school name does not appear in the School Name field in the application form, continue entering the full name of your school in the open text field. To help with the verification, please avoid abbreviations when entering the name of your school or university.

If your school name appears as eligible, but you experience any trouble with the website, please try submitting your application form using a different browser, and make sure to turn off any ad blockers. If the issue persists, please contact SheerID Support.

You can also ask SheerID to add your institution to the list of approved educational institutions. SheerID will review your request within 30 days and will notify you of the results. Grammarly cannot affect the decision made on that matter.

Note: If you see the error message “Verification Limit Exceeded” when you submit the documents for verification, it means that an application in your name has already been received this year. Please contact if you have not received a discount link this year or if the email was lost.

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